Vimeo - Can't seek to a certain video position with XP

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Post Posted January 11th, 2017, 10:01 am

On my Windows XP PC I find that videos play on Vimeo, however, it isn't possible to seek to a certain part of any video that hasn't yet been loaded. If I attempt to seek to a specific place in a video the user interface updates accordingly, but the video starts to play from the beginning! Then frustratingly there is no way to get back to the original position. Has anyone else noticed this and is there a workaround? I'm curious to know why it happens...

Actually, on XP I find a similar problem with other sites were it isn't possible to seek to a specific part of a video that has not loaded (Vimeo is the only site I've found that starts playing from the beginning though).

I have not experienced these issues on my Windows 7 PC or Android tablet. Using latest Firefox release in all cases.

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