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Hello! I'm newbie here and I hope that you can help me with GoGameGo addon and search.mysearch insted of Google in my Firefox browser. I've already tried to remove it manually, with a help of AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes AntiMalware and Cureit. And at first it works fine, but unfortunately only to the first reboot. After reboot this malware resurrects like Phoenix. I don't know what to do next... Also I've downloaded SpyHunter removal tool from this site ( but it demands 50$ for removal, and I don't know if it worth it... I'm ready to pay to get rid of that nasty addon....
So I'm really stuck with this problem and will be thankful for any assistance!


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Post Posted January 30th, 2017, 12:04 pm

Moving to Firefox Support because this is not about a bug in Firefox but about malware.


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I hope that you can help me with GoGameGo addon and search.mysearch insted of Google in my Firefox browser.

So you are talking about 2 items in your system? ....

Also, you can start testing by doing this...

Creating a new Firefox profile on Windows - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
And,.... DON'T TOUCH THAT "Choose Folder..." BUTTON! ... unless you fully know all about it.

... create that profile and test it as-is. Check it out to see if any of that bad-stuff followed it over when it was created....then post back here.

What installed AV software are you using?

Plus... you might want to also try is also free...

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You've downloaded some 'free' software from somewhere which bundles as one of probably many bloatware apps for which the developer receives a commission.

When you download anything free these days it invariably includes such bloatware. This means you have to pay attention when you install it by reading what it says on the dialog before clicking "Next" because if you don't, it automatically installs all the junk along with the freebie.

In this particular case, it sounds like Malwarebytes and other removal tools you've tried get rid of the bloatware, but when you reboot, the 'free' program you installed automatically reinstates them.

Your best bet here would be to run Windows 10 System Restore to wind back the clock to a time when you know the computer was working properly. See this illustrated tutorial on how to do that: ... -10-a.html

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