FF 51.0.1 (32-Bit) partly soundless ??

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Post Posted March 3rd, 2017, 5:26 am

since some time FF is partly soundless?
On one hand the sound of Youtube-videos or 'plays' flawless on the other hand there is a communication tool (TeamWox) working over the internet that should create a plong is a new message is posted - but nothing happens, FF is dump?
When I (Win7,64) check my mixer (how, the hell, do I post an image in this post) I see the FF and its loudness-slider - BUT if move this slider I don't hear any control-pling of the new loudnesses.
If I do the same with the Systemsounds (right beside FF ind the mixer) I do hear that control-pling.

Does anybody know where I might start searching to get back that sounds?
Thanks in advance, Gooly

PS: If I search here for image I get nothing but an empty page ??


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Here is how to post an image here...
> ... _the_forum

You should see a "Print Screen" key near the top RHS of the keyboard.
Use that & the image will be copied to your Clipboard.
Reduce them to around 600 x 500 or so in your favourite image editor, (Be sure to remove any personal info.)
& upload them to eg: > Photobucket or your favourite image hosting site.

(I use
In photobucket...
Open the image by clicking on it.
On the RHS, there are a few options. "Links to share this photo."
Choose the [img] link at the bottom & it will be copied to the clipboard.
Paste that link in here.

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