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Good day,
Somewhere down the line I did something that I should not have. My pages does not always load correct. But it seems to be limited to a specific page (work landing page).
The first image below is in Firefox and the second in Chrome.
Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanking you in advance.
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Are you using any ad blocking software (extensions)?
Does the same thing happen in Safe Mode?
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From a prior post from Dan Raisch (with minor changes) ...

(If using a version below Firefox 3.5.) Clear the browser cache (Tools->Clear Recent History->select cache->click on "Clear Now" button).

Else... use menu path Tools->Options->Advanced->Network tab->click on "Clear Now" button.)

Delete any cookies relating to the site(s) involved (Tools->Options->Privacy->Show Cookies button).

Note: The above is for Windows so if you're using a different OS refer to this... ... x,_and_Mac
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