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I have a Vista system and am having troubles on a browser game that I play ever since the 52 update was applied. The load screen is very slow when it reaches 20/24 and when it reaches 23/24. Menus seem to load slowly and when i visit other player's cities it takes a lot longer for them to load. I don't know what you call it but a drop down bar that is trying to tell me something is hanging up the browser drops down for a second but it goes back up before i have time to read it. It is a yellow drop down bar at the top of the screen that extends across the whole screen just below the address bar and below the "most visited getting started suggested sites web slice gallery" bar. I've seen this drop down bar come down in the past when Firefox was telling me that an add-on needed upgraded. The bar stayed down one time but it was cut in half and was impossible to read. I think it said something about a name was affecting my browser and it had a button that said' stop it' and another button i couldn't read, both on the right side of the bar. When I tried to click the 'stop it' button, the bar went back up. After the bar goes back up, the screen moves down blocking some of the bottom of the screen and there is a thin black line across the screen where the bar was. If I hit the maximize button it seems to fix the problem temporarily.


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Moving to Firefox Support...

Try running in Firefox "Safe Mode".
or... Help > Re-start with Addons disabled or hold down your Shift key as you click the Firefox short cut..
Do not check any boxes.
This is a fault finding mode.
NB: Be careful of the "Delete all bookmarks except for back-ups" option.

Don't add any extensions or themes until it's working O.K.
If Firefox is O.K. in Safe Mode then it's possibly an extension/theme...etc causing it.
Run Firefox in normal mode & disable them all. Re-start Firefox.
Enable each in turn, or by ½'s, re-starting Firefox each time, till the faulty extension is found.
Either update or un-install it.

See this incomplete list,

When in Safe Mode...
* The status of plug-ins is not affected.
* Custom preferences are not affected.
* All extensions are disabled.
* The default theme is used, without a persona.
* userChrome.css and userContent.css are ignored.
* The JIT/Javascript compiler is disabled.
* The default toolbar layout is used.
* Hardware acceleration is disabled.
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I started Firefox in safe mode and started the browser game that I'm having troubles with and the problem still exists. I verified that I was in safe mode by looking at my add ons. I only see 2 extensions and 1 theme and it said they were disabled in safe mode. I visited cities and it was taking over a minute for them to load, but if I hit the maximize button and went to a smaller window the cities loaded in just seconds. After a short time testing the drop down bar appeared doing the same thing it was before. At least this illuminates the extensions, themes, or hardware acceleration as the cause and I do appreciate your help.

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We upgraded to FF 52 today and found our computers had slowed down (not just Firefox). Then Mozilla issued 52.0.1, which seems to have resolved the problem.

Not sure about your issues, but this may help.

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52.0.1 is a critical security update ... sa2017-08/

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That may be, but we did notice that upgrading stopped the sluggishness of the browser.

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Nope I'm still having the same problem after 52.0.1. However, I was switching between screen sizes using the maximize button to get the game to load faster and was able to read the drop down bar (although it would hang longer while loading, the drop down bar didn't come down during this stage prior to 52.0.1.) The drop down bar said that "a web page is causing problems with the browser" (or something like that). The only web page that I have running is the game that I'm playing. I didn't have these problems before 52.0.0. The 2 buttons on the right side of the bar say 'stop it' and 'wait'. I hit the 'stop it' button and it shut down my Adobe (it said that Adobe has stopped working after I hit the button).

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