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Post Posted March 25th, 2017, 7:39 am

Rather than "Refresh" Firefox, try the easier method of creating a new profile while leaving the existing one in place and usable if desired --
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Post Posted April 3rd, 2017, 3:11 pm

A few days ago, I did the full monte on my own machine:

1.) Did a Firefox "Refresh" (Help > Troubleshoot > Refresh)
2.) Changed from AVG to Avira (and made sure Windows Defender was OFF)

Since then Firefox has been speedy and crisp. No slow-downs. As an experiment, I will bring back each of my add-on's, one by one, and use for 2-3 days and see if the add-on contributes to sluggishness. Will report back if I find anything. Until then, it looks like "Firefox Refresh" and/or Avira is at least one answer to a sluggish Firefox experience.

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Post Posted August 10th, 2017, 7:43 pm

About 2 days ago, Mozilla very suddenly starting acting as if it was broken. I could have sworn that just as I closed Firefox there was a popup message about doing an update, but by the time I saw it and reacted to it, I had already started Windows shutdown, and didn't catch it in time to abort.

Not only is it dragging horribly at ever stage, not just startup, but every single page I open, but all of my bookmarks are now missing, and it appears to be completely ignoring all of its settings, which have not changed. Other than the mysterious message that I might, or might not, have seen, nothing else has happened. I am running this on an old Win 7 machine, just keeping it going until I can get a new Win 10 laptop up and running and get all my Firefox bookmarks transferred over. (I just moved from Texas to Maryland, and am trying to get settled in before I take on the challenge of getting the laptop running as I want.)

When I open a new tab, it gives me a blank page, even though Show Your Top Sites is checked, and in fact, I can *see* other options, but can't click on them at all, they are greyed out. When I right click on the Back button, nothing happens, although if I left click on it, it does indeed back up one page...but if I have a long chain of pages, I can't see them, I can't click on what I can't see, and I have to back up one page at a time.

When I click on a PDF file, it always downloads it (without any message to that effect) even though it is set to "Preview in Firefox".

I checked to see when the last automatic update took place, and it was June 30th, 2017, before I moved. It was working just fine from July 1st until 2 days ago, Aug. 8th, 2017. I didn't deliberately download or install *any* program, app, add-on, or extension of any kind, to any program, not just Firefox. (I also use Thunderbird, and so far, it is working just fine.)

I certainly hope that my bookmarks can be recovered. I do have a backup, but I need Firefox on the Win 7 machine to be able to *read* them so that I can export them to load into Firefox on the Win 10 machine; then if Firefox dies on the old machine, I don't care.

At the same time, a rather arcane little program called Paragon Chat also started dragging at the same time, which makes me think this is some kind of infection. I had just bought the Win 10 laptop right before the move, literally the same week, and cannot use it until I have loaded and/or upgraded a lot of programs that I need on a daily basis.

Any suggestions?

I'm looking for the Firefox version, but so far all I've found is that it was created, modified, and accessed Sunday, September 05, 2010, which, since I'm using it right now, certainly sounds like some kind of corruption...shouldn't it show that it was accessed today or yesterday?

By the way, I use Norton Internet Security. It reports that everything is just fine. McAfee was installed on this machine, but I have never used it...but it has recently given me a couple of unexpected popups...If trying to figure out a way to shut it off even more than it is already is a solution, I can try that, but am not certain it will help, as it isn't supposed to be running now anyway.


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Post Posted August 11th, 2017, 8:01 am

1. You seem to be using version 55.0 of Firefox, based on the User Agent String which appears at the bottom right of your post. You can confirm the version by using menu path Help->Troubleshooting Information. Look at the second line of the "Application Basics" section.
2. Two security programs (Norton and McAfee), if they are actively running at the same time, can cause serious lagging and other problems. You should immediately download and run the uninstall utility from the McAfee support site.
3. If removing McAfee doesn't resolve the problems. Have you tried starting Firefox in Mozilla Safe Mode?
If no improvement using Safe Mode, do you have the same problem if you create a new profile and test it with no extensions or non-default themes installed? (Creating a new profile will not impact your existing profile, so if your bookmarks, passwords, etc. are recoverable before creating the new profile, you would be able to transfer those elements to the new profile if the problem has been resolved by creating that new profile.
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Post Posted August 11th, 2017, 8:25 am

Even while Firefox is not running well, you may be able to transfer the automatic backups of your bookmarks over to the new computer. There are automatically made backups in a bookmarkbackups folder. Copy that folder to a usb drive and then to the new computer, then on the new computer restore bookmarks and choose one of the files from that folder on the usb drive. If the most recent is empty, go back to a slightly older file. The last paragraph here has links about where the profile folder is and what to click to restore the file: ... -move-them Ignore the linked information about sync, that is not necessarily reliable and is not the best if there are already problems.

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