52.0.2 doing constant lookups.

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Brummelchen wrote:if safe mode and fresh profile wont help its impact by system - either one or four doesnt matter - get the similarity for your system and also consider windows safe mode, do an adware scan (adwcleaner, you wont believe whats all under the hood). loading time is relative - a fast line is faster, mine seems slower, i dont care.

i have tried as your video showed, and now jezebel (which loaded in seconds, with and w/o ad-blocking). (fyi - all my browser are configured the same way.)

concerning 51b9 - that is pre final 51 - do you already had issues with v51 final? did you speak up?

Hey! Yeah - I scanned for adware, and nope. :)

Haven't tried safe mode, but I'll give that a shot.

As for 51b9... well, I have Firefox set up to auto-update, so I don't notice which version number gets installed. To test, I just moved back to the last full version number.

When this happened, my immediate thought was that it was Spectrum. So no, initially, I didn't say anything here. Not until I had exhausted all testing with Spectrum, which included replacing my modem, dealing with Tier 3 techs and the network division. Their final response was that this is an ongoing issue with the current version of FF.

Out of curiousity... what OS are you using?

Thanks much.

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i have 6 Windows on two computers present (7/8/10 - x86/x64 - Home/Pro/LTSB) - all share the same profile data without any issue - also across the network. if there will be culprit its either system made (very few and not firefox related) or firefox profile.

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Well here's something interesting...

Just installed 53.0b9, and the behavior disappeared completely.


Thanks to all for your help and advice!

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Well, I spoke too soon.

Still on the beta channel - and the behavior has started again.

So I tried setting up a new profile... so far so good. Added the few extensions I've been using... still good.

Then I signed into sync.


It was when I started sync that it went to hell. Now it's back to lookups. And I mean... looking for Facebook... 5 seconds, etc.


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forget sync or clean it up (dont ask me how, i dont use that crap, i even never used sync for other browsers, i am running portables or complete different)

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My Firefox has been doing this as well (for about 2-3 weeks), to the point I got involved with 3 or 4 different Spectrum chat reps. And then scheduled and ultimately canceled two tech visits because they insist it's my COMPUTER and NOT them. I did a check disk and ultimately reinstalled Windows 7 on Saturday and I'm STILL having this issue. It has to be Firefox.

Check out this topic I have on Tom's Hardware.... ... ation.html

A Tom's forum member in that thread posted: "I installed the latest version of firefox on 3 machines and it looks like it's doing the same for me. My advice is you can switch browsers, download an older version, or wait for a patch to fix the problem. When I get home I will install it on a PC with a SSD and see if the load time is the same."

And my SPECS: AMD FX-4300 @ 3.8Ghz | MSI 760GMA-P34 FX | Stock 2x4GB DDR3 | 1TB HDD | EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti 2GB GDDR5 | Corsair CX650M 650W 80 Plus Bronze | Cooler Master Elite 431 Plus | Acer S241HLbmid Black 24" | EagleTec KG010 | Logitech G430 | Win 7 x64 (I know this isn't all stuff people need to see but I copy/pasted this from my Tom's Hardware signature)


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Hi, Would you please, stay with your original thread, as X posting creates confusion.
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