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Windows 10, Firefox 52.0.2 (32 bit)

I searched this site for a solution but nothing has been posted since 2010. Way too much has changed to make their remarks useful.

A couple of weeks ago, something happened to my laptop and I don't know how to fix it. I start my search using Google and as soon as it goes to the first page, it switches to Bing. I hate Bing, with a passion. Whoever designed their photo search is definitely the anti-Christ. I go to the list of possible search engines that I may want to use and Bing isn't on this list; I removed it as soon as I found this problem.

Even though I couldn't follow the instructions, I worked and worked and I finally found a place where Bing was listed and deleted "Bing" from the list of search engines.

I've scanned with AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, SUPERAntiSpyware, and Microsoft Safety Scanner and Bing still takes over the searching action.

Bing is there and messing with my life. Did Bing put a virus on my PC? Who else would do this? I hadn't added any programs just before this started.

Any ideas short of blowing up my computer with a pound of C4?

Really need an updated and correct list of instructions to stop this madness. And has anybody at CNET checked with "Bing" to find out why they've made it nearly impossible to get rid of their product?

Thank you


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You might find an answer in the WIN 10 fora....
> ... x=0&sa.y=0

&, there's this from the Official site...
> ... ove%20Bing
Good luck with it.

&, be careful with anything D/L'd from CNET, as it may/usually contains extra crap.
Watch those installation screens.
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Backup your bookmarks and then create a new profile: ... on_Windows


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Possible solution: ( keep notes of what you do) . . .
. . . anything changed in about:config can be reset normally with a right click and hit reset.
Open about:config - type in the search "search" - every item which shows with Bing can be modified/edited by a right click on the item and text placed or blanked as you wish.
If Bing is the number one choice change it to the search engine you prefer.
Take care to note the syntax of other visible search engines which also show during the search for "search"
You may also have Bing as a content handler. Same applies, but in some cases you may want to blank it. Search for "content."
In the Firefox GUI /tools/options/search you can change the order of the search engines either before hand or after this kind of editing.

Somewhere on your system, using admin privileges do a global search for bing.xml or bing.exe. If you find both open the xml with a text editor to make sure it's the search item.
You may have to be careful with removing Bing items from the system so you do not disable the search capabilities of the system itself.

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