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After I boot up I get 2 messages saying mozglue.dll is missing. I reinstalled mozilla and nothing changed. I've been having crash issues and wonder if this is a reason. How and where do I restore the files? Why does windows care? How important are they? Also, not sure if this is related, but if I leave computer on over night, I get a message that windows explorer has stopped. I close the message, do a refresh and keep on going.
I use win7 32 bit.

Hey you
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Update - I fixed the mozglue issue. I copied file from mozilla dir and pasted into win/sys32 and rebooted. No more mozglue message.
No luck on explorer issue.
Will mozilla stop crashing? time will tell.....


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mozglue.dll should be in the FF installation directory.

Thinking that mozglue.dll will be specific to each FF version.
So while what you have done may work, for now, thinking you could potentially run into issues with the next update.

Could your antivirus be interfering?
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you should load the whole setup from here and install it over the current:
files are fixed on its firefox release - any other may cause instability!

you are on v52 so i assume your update failed, maybe it was blocked by a stupid antivirus. check your options.

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