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Post Posted May 6th, 2017, 1:31 pm

Have you been able to use Regedit to locate the various places in the Windows Registry which index and save a cache for Windows indexing

not sure if relevant but i understood ;)


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Note that you should be cautious with disabling the referrer by setting network.http.sendRefererHeader to 0 as some websites might not work properly or may not be able to redirect you after visiting a login page.

Best is not to use external cleaners as this might corrupt Firefox's cache management.
If you are concerned then clear the disk cache manually once and check what happens the next time you use built-in Firefox means to clear the cache (Clear Now Options/Preferences > Advanced > Network; Reload the page for updating).

In Private Browsing mode only the memory cache is used and the disk cache is disabled (i.e. no session data is stored in the profile folder).


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Post Posted May 7th, 2017, 12:05 am

AlfieBrown wrote:Unable to find any option to clean the Firefox cache after closing it automatically

Tools - Options - Privacy@Security - check "Clear history when Firefox closes" - Settings - check Cache
AlfieBrown wrote:Is there any way to do that and also permanently disable the cache in Private mode?

There shouldn't be any new data in the disk cache from the Private Browsing mode session by default.
I am an idiot. Sorry for my poor English. Current list of config tweaks:

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Grumpus wrote:@AlfieBrown - open /Tools/Options/Advanced/Network
Do you see cached web content?
Is the setting "Override Automatic Cache Management" available and is it checked?
Is there a factor in "Limit Cache to"? What is it?
Is there anything in the block next to or underneath "Cached Web Content and User Data"?
Have you located all the Mozilla folders in your system?

Have you been able to use Regedit to locate the various places in the Windows Registry which index and save a cache for Windows indexing
Thank you Grumpus,
your tip is what I was looking for - the limit cache was set to default 350 megs - Will try with 0 even if it means slow browsing.
I use Regedit to remove keys that 'Completely" uninstalled programs left behind.other keys I do not know so do n it mess with.
Again thanks.
My best to you.


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Anytime Alfie :)

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