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When I start Mozilla Firefox I get the following message;
DragdropUpload exception in track ReferenceError: nsDragandDrop is not defined. I can't close tehe window of the message nor Firefox. Actually I can't do anything but close Firefox with alt delete. What can I do to use my Firefox browser again?


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Do you have this extension installed in Firefox?...
dragdropupload :: Add-ons for Firefox

... if so, you might want to restart Firefox in safe-mode, get into the addons area and manually disable it... or, maybe remove it... then start Firefox in normal mode to see if the problem went away... then post back...

Try running Firefox in safe-mode... NOTE: This is a testing procedure only ... NOT for normal browsing.
-- On the menu bar, click the Help menu and select Restart with Add-ons Disabled....
Firefox will start up with the Firefox Safe Mode dialog. Click continue in Safe Mode and don't check any items.

Note: You can also start Firefox in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key while Single/Double clicking on the icon.
* (option key while starting Firefox on Mac).

>What safe-mode does ..... Safe Mode temporarily affects the following:
* All extensions are disabled. --- * The userChrome.css and userContent.css files are ignored.
* The default theme is used, without a persona. --- * The default toolbar layout is used.
* The Just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compiler is disabled. --- * Hardware acceleration is disabled.

-- Safe Mode has no effect on the following --
* The status of plugins is not affected.
* Custom preferences are not affected.

This is the link to the main KB article for Safe-Mode ... but, use the above info 1st...
Safe Mode - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
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Dragdropupload extension was already disabled. After removing it in safe mode everything was okay. Thank you!

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please investigate some time a read comments and put an eye on the last update data.
extension with "-signed.1-signed" in its name are in most cases buggy if they cover some special functions.


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