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Firefox 53.0.3 (Windows 32-bit) hangs if I trying to move focus to address bar while any system tooltip for any element on currently opened page is shown. For example, a New Tab Page is opened. Then, I hover mouse cursor on one of a thumbnails, and a tooltip with target address appears. Then I press F6, and FF immediately stops responding and consumes about 45% of CPU so long time, that I can't wait so much (several hours), and I kill it's process. I tried to repeat it with -safe-mode command line option, and result is the same. The tooltip's rectangle stays on top of all windows until FF process is being killed.


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That's an odd one...

As a test, create a new, clean Profile & see if the hang duplicates itself there.
If it does, look for something external. Who knows, maybe your antivirus?

Nirsoft's, WhatIsHang might be able to point something out (assuming you or someone can make sense of its report).
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