NoSquint Plus extension HAS STOPPED WORKING

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mightyglydd wrote:Go to Add-on Manager, click More next to the description of the Extension in question.
Scroll down. You can turn off 'check for updates'.
AHA! Thank you.


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It's fixed with version 54
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It stopped working again with Nightly 57, which is the newest alpha release with the new Photon look. Is there any possible way to get it working again, or do I have to just hope and pray that the developer creates a Web Extensions port? I would like to keep using Nightly, but I can't when the page is too small to read. I have to keep zooming in constantly. I have tried increasing the font size, but it always messes up page layouts of certain sites. Let me know. Thanks!

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Until nosquint plus or an alternative settles down for you, you could try changing layout.css.devPixelsPerPx in about:config. It take effect immediately so be careful not to mistype something like 50. The default is -1. If you set it to positive 1.3 that should make everything a lot bigger, try different options to see if one works for you.
Or, this says it is a webextension ... we/?src=ss

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please use the appropriate nightly threads here in forum. it is well known that v57 can not use legacy extensions and nosquint is a legacy extension, you need a webextension.
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