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Hi All.
I am using lastpass addon with Mozilla Firefox latest build. But the issue is when I use it with PD proxy VPN, sometimes one javascript makes my PC hang for few seconds. It releases after such period. It happens when I have 30+ tabs open.

I have 8gb RAM and i5 processor so the issue is not with my PC.

It will say , js is not responding.............

is there any way I can fix this? Please know that the issue is not present while using internet normally means no VPN.


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Hello Muminur,
I have just happened to tried to regenerate the issue . Only one exception I am not using the VPN that you are using.
I haven't found the issue as like you.
I think there are few things that you can do:
First try to uninstall Firefox and download an older version and install lastpass and try again. If the issue is gone then the issue is with Firefox ( which is unlikely)
Second, you can try different VPN. Why I am saying is that, some VPN do log users information (check ref#1) . Your VPN has free plan ( I assume you are using this), hence it can try to send the hashed password by lastpass to their own server. I know this may sound crazy but it can happen. When it tries to do that, lastpass javascript control file becomes unresponsive.
All lastpass passwords are encrypted with AES-256 hash before sending out from your computer. (check ref#2).

So can try the above two method and let me know how often you are facing this issue.

Ref#1: ... ices-2017/


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Is LastPass a Plugin, extension or both?
If you bypass the VPN does the problem still occur?
If you restart FF in Safe Mode (or at least disable all other extensions if LP is an extension) ... ?
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