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Post Posted August 12th, 2017, 6:07 am

I am currently using 54.0.1 (32 bit, although my computer is 64 bit), and About Firefox on the Help menu indicates my version is up to date. Secunia PSI, however, shows an update is needed. Is there a later version of FF for general usage?


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Somethings going on with the 55 update which was pulled once, then yesterday, 55.0.1 arrived on work PCs in the morning, by afternoon at home, like you, still on 54 and 'check for updates' says it's up to date and no update available.... Not loosing any sleep over it.


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The latest version of Firefox is 55.0.1, but only users of 55.0 are being updated to it.

Schedule Update

Going live soon
Only pushing to 55.0 users because of this bug -

Constantly freezes, not responding, bookmarks lost, all bookmark commands do not function.
** want to understand the impact before pushing to <= 54 users or to do a 55.0.2 release

REF: ... 2017-08-10

Your options are to either wait, or download and install what could be a broken new version over 54.0.1.
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Post Posted August 12th, 2017, 6:25 am

Thanks for the replies! I will wait unti an update is offered. No need to rush into a cloud of bugs. :)


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Note that only users with a single quote (') in the file path of the profile folder are affected by bug 1388584.

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