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I have recently ditch Tab Mix Plus add-on for webextentions alternatives, as it relies on legacy add-on technology, but one of the features that I frequently used has not been implemented by any webext add-ons yet. It is double clicking empty space on the tab bar to open a new tab. In default settings, double clicking empty space on the tab bar resizes the window instead of adding a new tab in Firefox 55.0.3 on Windows 10.

Two workarounds have been suggested in other threads in this forum.

1) Edit userchrome and userstyles files. However, neither is working anymore. This is the old thread, circa 2011:

2) Set browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar to false to enable Title Bar, which does not fit Firefox's new design logic and takes up an unnecessary screen real estate that otherwise could be used for browsing.

There are several other threads in this forum asking for the same question, which was often replied with a link to Tab Mix Plus that will soon be obsolete.

So, if anyone can help me with writing a userstyle.css to achieve this, it would be much appreciated!


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Just hit CTRL+T


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If you have a tab open there should be a plus sign to the right of the tab, single clicking that opens a tab.

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