"loading problem" FF 55.0.3 loading Workspace Web Mail.

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Recently, last wk, I encountered "loading problem" FF 55.0.3 when loading Workspace Web Mail.
When I reply or forward any email I recd , a spinning icon with the word "loading" appears and will not let insert my cursor
into the email body. Therefore. I cannot respond or forward any emails.

No problems with IE 11, Tor, the 55.0.3 v on my other pc, this version has "funnel cake on boarding q32016-v 1.0
variation mozilla 86-10.. what is this funnel cake stuff, somebody on your staff from kutztown ps?

Both ff version indicate they are "up to date"

How can I get the funnel cake version for my other pc and remove non funnel cake & install it?




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Did you download Firefox from the Mozilla site or from a third party? It sounds like the latter if you're seeing a reference to Funnelcake:

If you did download it from a third party site uninstall it and then download it again from here:

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As far as I know, all my FF ver were downloaded from Mozilla, & continuously updated by Mozilla for years. Im not trying to find info about "funnelcake". Only reason for mentioning it because the FF v that had Funnel cake in it ran my Workspace web mail program with no problems. PC with the no funnel cake in it caused Workspace web mail program to malfunction.

I'll download FF from the Mozilla site install it. Is there anything I need to know about removing the installed FF so I don't need to reinstall plugins, extensions, etc? I use Revo uninstaller.

Thanks for you help.


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