need help IDing lockout program

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whatishang is futile, anywhere. if firefox crashes -> crash-reps. if windows bsod > minidump+windbg. windbg is also usable when app crash results in a dump (dmp) file like a bsod. that is part of WERfault service, not sure if that is applicable on xp. even procmon is pointless in regular hands with no further knowledge, but it also wont help on app crashes.

but why make trouble now? he made his decision and "FF(52.3.0)" is not current (esr)


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You might want to check Win XP for file corruption since that can affect performance. So click Start --> All Programs --> Accessories and then right click Command Prompt and choose "Run As Administrator".

When the command prompt appears, type: sfc /scannow and hit Enter. If the tool finds file corruption which it can't fix it'll ask you to insert the Windows XP installation CD so have that ready.

It would be advisable to disable those utilities you're running such as Meminfo before running the command.

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I already tried that, and although I'm using the same CD that I used to install XP on this drive, it keeps saying "Wrong CD".
I've Googled that particular problem and tried all of the suggestions that come up, but still no luck.


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FWIW,,,, Have you installed MS SP3 in Windows.... I'm on a laptop that runs
Firefox 52 just Ducky after doing all 3 of the MS updates offered by MS for Corperate Laptops ... ice-pack-3
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My original (many years old) CD had only SP2. I slipstreamed a new disk with SP3.
THAT disk is what I used to install XP SP3 on this computer and is the one that I'm
using while trying to do sfc /scannow.
I get the feeling that nLite either left something important off the disk or put it in
the wrong place for sfc to find it.

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Thank you for wishing me luck with Pale Moon. It's working very nicely.
If I reboot my computer and carefully refrain from starting FF or TBird, with Pale Moon, I can go for more than 2 days and the worst "hang" or "stall" MIGHT last 2 or 3 seconds while accessing the internet.

"WhatIsHang" shows absolutely NO interrupted activity.

I f I make the mistake of accidentally starting a Mozilla product after a reboot, within 2 hours (sometimes immediately), if I hover over a link on a web page or pick a new E-mail message to read,
it may take 10 to 15 seconds before the "highlight" shows up on the link or line that I am about to click on, and when I click on it, it may take as much as a minute before I see the activity light on my
wireless adapter start to blink and the hour glass show up to verify that activity is happening.


If I have "WhatIsHang" running in Autostart mode when this happens after I start FF or Tbird, I will find a report explaining what caused the hang or stall.
It is left up to me to figure WHERE it stalled.

Whether I have "WhatIsHang" running or not, the Mozilla product DOES eventually continue on its way, only it's after a LONG delay.


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As a test, create a new, clean Profile & see how that reacts.

Any number of things can happen to a particular Profile at any time.
Things that occur may be related to circumstances in a particular Profile.

That xyz works fine today, does not mean that it will work fine tomorrow.

It could very well be that FF - in a new would have worked just as fine as a new install of xyz.

Or not.
Point is, you may not know, unless you test.

Anyhow, if xyz meets your needs, & you're happy with it, so be it & go with it.
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