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This is bizarre. For a year I've kept my old PC (XP-based) for occasional use. Fired it up yesterday first time in a few months. All looked fine until I started Firefox. Can't now be sure of exact sequence of events but I think I was offered or instructed to update and did so. Various obscure steps later and I am unable to read any of the text within any part of Firefox. Including my attempts to use the profile manager or start in safe mode. Text for all other progams is normal.

Here's an attempt at a screenshot. (Dropbox has destroyed my normal workflow by their recent discontinuance of the Public folder. So I'll try several methods. Feedback would be much appreciated, especially from non-Dropbox users.)



Ran Malwarebytes, removed a couple of minor PUPs, problem remained.

Bottom line: how do I re-install FF on my old backup PC please? I can live without my many add-ons if I have to. And I gather XP support is apparently due to stop in October.
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And I gather XP support is apparently due to stop in October.

xp support stopped years ago. you mean firefox where v52esr is the last for xp/vista. note sure about october, could also march/april when 59esr arrives.

backup up start reading here
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i cannot help for xp, its dead. try firefox safe -mode.


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Uninstall FF13.0.1 which you're running via Add/Remove Programs (but don't delete your profile) and then install Firefox 52.3.0 which will be supported until June 26 next year: ... uirements/

Since you're running Windows XP, you'll only be able to install the 32-bit version. You can download that from here: ... tions/all/


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terrypin wrote:And I gather XP support is apparently due to stop in October.

Microsoft made WinXP for regular users as EOL back in April 2014.

Mozilla stopped support of WinXP/Vista from Firefox 53.0 and later versions as Windows 7 is the minimum.

The only real option you have with a Firefox version that will still get security and allowed stability fixes in Firefox 52 ESR. The current version is 52.3.0esr as mentioned above and the last update will be 52.8.0esr out when Firefox 60.0 is Released in May 2018.

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