How to print out very, very looong web pages (into image)

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Post Posted October 11th, 2017, 9:03 am

LoveMyFoxy wrote:Will SaveScreenshot make the text very small or cover several pages?

Full page screenshots have either 100% resolution or, in the case of Firefox's developer tools, the current zoom level in the browser. So they are crazy long.

If you open the screenshot in Paint* and use Print Preview, you can go into Page Setup and change the orientation to Portrait and choose a length (e.g., 1 page wide by 4 pages long). There's nothing subtle about how Paint breaks pages, it just splits at the maximum pixels that fit, so this will get you everything but not necessarily the best appearance. You can adjust the margins in Page Setup to try to get the best look for your needs. Then print to PDF for a more usable form of output for future reference.

* The version in Windows 7. I don't know about other variations.

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