How Do I Make FF Even Faster?

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Looks like my previous thread got locked cuz some idiot posted a novel long post. Anyway I'm hoping that my question gets answered. I got FF 56. How do i get FF even faster?


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Don't mess with it. All of the suggestions on line for tweaks and config settings changes are all, or almost all, bunk. Don't let Ccleaner near Firefox as there are many confirmed reports of it corrupting the profile or deleting needed elements of Firefox. Don't add themes or extensions and run the default install is about as fast as it's going to get.


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DanRaisch wrote:Don't mess with it.

Good advice
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Firefox is very fast as it is. #1 suggestion is don't use addons. Vanilla Firefox is blazing but I guess that's not realistic. Also remember, google based sites load a bit faster with chrome.

Firefox still is, always has been and always will be, the best browser and will continue to get better. Anyone who says otherwise are ignorant. When flash is completely dead, there's literally no reason for anyone to use chrome. The only way the spyware scum can maintain their fanbase is by hacking their websites to make them slower with other browsers.

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