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Post Posted October 9th, 2017, 9:57 am

Is there any way to toggle the findbar with cmd/ctrl-f? There's an extension for it but it can be done in userChrome I'd rather do that. Thanks.


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There have been quite a few of them, but none that will work with the forthcoming FF57 which will be launched in mid-November. Once that happens, only WebExtensions can be installed. Here's a list of those: ... ?sort=name

I've sorted them alphabetically for you to make searching easier. You best option here is to click the "Next" button so that the URL changes to ... ame&page=2 Now that you have "page=2" at the end of it, change the figure "2" into something else (say 65 for example) to take you to the page beginning with the letter "F" and then look for "Find Bar" or something similar. Good luck!

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