Can we measure extensions memory and performance impact?

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Context for my question, not really necessary, but, eh, I can always give it if you wonder:
It's been around a week my FF56 becomes unresponsive in everyday usage after a duration between 1 and 3 hours. I end up with delays between half a second and a full second for the browser to notice I clicked a link or even display the link's URL in the status bar when I hover above it, etcetera.
I can temporarily fix the issue in about:memory (clicking to minimize memory usage, CG and CC), I see that makes Firefox's memory usage fall from 1.3 GB to 400-500 MB. This amount of memory consumption is perfectly comparable to what it was before my slowdown problem, so it's not as if FF was "leaking" in any way, my PC still has almost 4 GB free unused memory out of 8 GB total. The CPU usage remains low at all cases.
As it began to happen long after my auto-update to Firefox 56, I have to suspect it somehow comes from an extension.

My question:
Please, may I ask if there exists a way to measure which extension has which impact on the browser performance, be it memory usage, hogging processes, your call?

Last time I checked this kind of topic was in 2014, and at that time I was told there was no way to have it done. I imagine it musn't have changed, but I have nothing to lose in asking :D

I know I can always deactivate my extensions one by one, but it would take a looooooooooooooong time, sometimes my problem only shows after around three hours. As I wrote, I'm asking just in case, maybe a better way to find who's the culprit exists, thanks if you can help :)

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Try installing this extension: ... ns-memory/

To use it, just type about:addons-memory in your address bar.

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