After crash my Firefox session, browsing history, cookies an

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Version 56.0.1

Firefox crashed on me perhaps because I had too many tabs opened. The "Restore previous session" button is unavailable. My entire search history is gone, cookies too so I was logged out of every site. I think I was wrong by saying in the title that logins and passwords were lost since I seem to have them but Reddit at least didn't let me login with what was saved.

I tried to restore my session by renaming files in the profile folder as I've done before.

But my profile folder was very different. In the sessionstore-backups folder the files ended in .jsonlz4 and .baklz4. I don't remember what the endings were before but they weren't these ones. The current files were also way too recent to replace a file in the main directory. I don't see my usual backups or backups that I think are automatically generated when Firefox gets updates. Furthermore I don't even know which file I'm supposed to replace now since I don't see the old one, sessionstore.js

Can anyone help?


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Are you sure a "Reset" was not done?
Check your desktop to see if a copy of your prior Profile was dropped there.
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Nope, no copy. Maybe I have accidentally clicked the option "Clear history when Firefox closes"? Is there still a way to recover the previous session or a session from the past month?


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The files used by sessionstore are now compressed .jsonlz4 files in the current release.
This has happened to sessionstore.jsonlz4 and the files in the sessionstore-backups folder.
Previously those files were uncompressed .js files (sessionstore.js).

Do you have an "Old Firefox Data" folder on the desktop in case a new profile has been created?

You can check the about:profiles page to see if there are profile listed other than the one you correctly use and check for unlisted (orphaned) profiles on the hard drive.

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