is this a bug?

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Brummelchen wrote:your examples point iut server error - admin is stupid.
its not firefo redirecting to www. - its the server.
the cert is only valid for

thats what i told you above, there is nothing you can do.

chrome behaves other because it uses (in your case) the windows cert store - which is also used by edge or internet explorer.

to see what the server response you need to open the network inspector in firefox.

https://extremepeptides.us2.list-manage ... 7cdf330645

is a method GET request and response is "302 moved" and server answers with

in one point you are right - chrome haves different. chrome receives a "200 ok"

and this is not the first time i saw this. i know that the difference is caused by server, but i can not tell you why.

I am technical but know little to nothing about this - but I am a learning addict and I am trying - sometimes very.
I looked at the info and see that Upgrade-insecure-requests is the last item in the listing.
In viewing the 'more info' it seems to me that this should send FF to the correct site without the www.
A client requests signals to the server that it supports the upgrade mechanisms of upgrade-insecure-requests:

GET / HTTP/1.1
Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1

The server can now redirect to a secure version of the site. A Vary header can be used so that the site isn't served by caches to clients that don’t support the upgrade mechanism.

Vary: Upgrade-Insecure-Requests

Chrome, FF, & Opera support this.
Am I reading this wrong?
If not, is that where the problem is?
The server is redirecting to https://www........ which is insecure by reason of certificate validity.
but isn't Upgrade-insecure-requests suppose to enable fixing that?
If Chrome handles it, it can't be that Chrome knows what the correct URL is - they must be getting it from the server.
but the server isn't giving FF the correct one - so FF must be asking the wrong question.

But then if FF knows what the correct URL is, why isn't it going there instead of faulting.

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Post Posted October 25th, 2017, 12:19 pm

Brummelchen wrote:no ssl problem, but the redirect is wrong (for firefox)

Brummelchen wrote:i know that the difference is caused by server, but i can not tell you why.
users using outdated and vulnerable software probably never will get an answer from me - sticked with the past? stay alone.

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