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I've been looking for an answer for this for quite some time, hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. I am using a Surface Pro 2017 (Surface Pro 3 and 4 before that) and on any of them I cannot get Firefox to perform forward and back actions based on touchscreen swipe. I've tried a few extensions as well to no avail, but something this fundamental should't require that and natively works with any other browser I've tried.

In about:config I find these for swipe actions. The up/down work (obviously) and there are several touchscreen pinch interpreters (zoom in/out)that also work. All the commands that function correctly have a "cmd_" prefix, is there a corresponding swipe.right and swipe.left cmd_?

browser.gesture.swipe.down =3D cmd_scrollBottom
browser.gesture.swipe.left =3D Browser:BackOrBackDuplicate
browser.gesture.swipe.right =3D Browser:ForwardOrForwardDuplicate
browser.gesture.swipe.up =3D cmd_scrollTop = cmd_fullZoomReduce = cmd_fullZoomReset
browser.gesture.pinch.out = cmd_fullZoomEnlarge
browser.gesture.pinch.out.shift = cmd_fullZoomReset


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There's a tip on this forum to use an extension called Yet Another Smooth Scrolling

Worth a try anyway.

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Can someone please answer this? Same issue here. I'm on Ubuntu, touchscreen scrolling works fine(though not very smooth) but cannot get it to go forward or back.

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