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James wrote:Only the Fx 56.0.1 was to update to Win64 version if user has 64-bit Windows and 2GB RAM.

You say this as if the 32-bit Firefox Releases for Windows is no more.

64-bit (Win64) Firefox for Windows is not new as it has been available for Releases since Fx 42.0 and listed on since Fx 43.0

Thanks James...

My computer meets those specs. If I understand correctly apparently the reason why it didn't update to 64-bit is that I skipped v56.0.1 and went from 56.0.0 to 56.0.2. I'm assuming 56.0.2 is not intended to make that change. And fortunately it didn't for me... since I didn't want to make that change.

Nothing I said was meant to imply that the 32-bit FF is no more. I know it still exists as I am using it! If you mean it will still exist after v57 is released, that's good to know, but I wouldn't assume otherwise since there is a ton of 32 bit OS users out there and I would be shocked if FF would simply drop support for them.

I do have to admit that I would have been pretty annoyed if I had installed and update and it switched me from 32-bit to 64-bit without specifically notifying me and giving me an opportunity to decline. I suppose some would say "you should have read the release notes before installing the update." But I don't think that would be a very user friendly response. Not everyone has the time for that, they just trust the developers not to switch things on them like that without some kind of safety net.

I am aware that FF 64-bit has been around that long. What I am not sure of since I have not had adequate time to research it is whether or not I think it is something I want to switch to.


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