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It's not bad, but it builds up over time, and I eventually require a restart to free up memory.

My normal Firefox usage is heavy. I have multiple windows(4-8) with many tabs(10+) in each. Most of these shouldn't be heavy, but that shouldn't matter. I keep the browser open for days to weeks, even if I put my computer to sleep or hibernate every night.

After restart, firefox usually only requires around 1gig of memory, but it eventually builds up to 2gig; this should be normal, but after restarting firefox after a few days, it also quickly grows to 2gig again. With 16gig of memory, and having two separate browsers open with many windows and tabs loaded, I take about %30 memory capacity at the start. Closing them might free up %10.

This issue took me by surprise the first time, with memory capacity errors popping up, which shouldn't happen. From then on, I restart around %60+ percent; closing everything never brings it below %50, even though it should go straight down to %20.

The issue could be small and overlooked, or large and problematic. As a programmer myself, I know how easily these problems could be missed. I have actually been having this problem for months on end(probably over a year since I noticed it), and haven't cared to report it before now, thinking it should get fixed eventually. But with such a widespread program, bugs like these can cause serious problems if left unchecked.


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What versions as you appear to be using a old Firefox version as Firefox 50.0 was released November 15, 2016.

Note that mozillaZine is not a part of nor run by Mozilla as you can see by comment on right and at about url. and there is no links on top or bottom like a typical * page.

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No idea why it's not the latest version. It's auto-updated on restart since the v30's. Weird.
I just updated to the latest, and will see if the issue is fixed. I'll update if it isn't.

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