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Im using firefox 56.0.2

I want to deactivate a special redirect feature: I have a website which originally was named and now has the new name i always get automatically redirected to the new .net domain.

On the other hand, i often get the message from firefox: "site wants to redirect to another webpage. do you agree?" or smth like this.

On the web i found some information:
'Firefox/Firefox > Preferences > Advanced > General : Accessibility : [ ] "Warn me when web sites try to redirect or reload the page"'

In 56.0.2, the Advanced page doesnt exist anymore.

So the first question: where do i find the option to turn on / off the auto-redirect?

And the second question: how do i turn off the redirect from an .org to a .net page? perhaps in the about:config or similar?

As i said, the asking before auto-redirect is already enabled, but i dont know where to turn it on / off or set further preferences
AND it doesnt work for the redirect from .org to .net.

I simply dont like a program override my input and there is no way to keep it!


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Note that accessibility.blockautorefresh may not handle all circumstances.
Also note that its possible that there is no ".org" page to "fall back to".

Like falls over to
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