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Is there a way to definitively get rid of the "bookmarks toolbar" and "unsorted bookmarks" folders in the bookmarks sidebar, and show ONLY the content of the "bookmarks menu"?
Please let me know how to solve this, i'm using firefox since the first try more then 15 years ago and i ever had this (stupid) problem, because mozilla don't want to put an option to set it...

Addons used to do the trick in the past:
- Sidebar Bookmark Selector: not supported for some years and completely removed from the addons site (i have a copy of it saved);
- Bookmarks Menu on Sidebar Panel (link): even more simple (just do what i want), but not supported for firefox 57 and not updated in 2 years.

Can we have a definitive solution to this annoyng mozzilla forgetfulness, like a css script to put in the userChrome.css?
PLEASE! ](*,) (and sorry for the google translation if it's not very good).

in other threads of this wonderful forum i've found solutions atleast to remove "header" (title and cross to close) and "search" from the sidebar (working on firefox 57), this is the script to add in userChrome.css:

/* Bookmarks sidebar: hide "Search:" */
#bookmarksPanel > hbox { display: none !important }
sidebarheader { display: none !important;}

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But now, you don't have the "close X", even the Header.
What's the way you close the sidebar ? Ctrl+B ?

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just clicking the button used to open it, "show sidebars" or something in english...

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