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Post Posted November 27th, 2017, 11:07 am

Ha, ha!!! :D Mistakes happen to all of us.

Actually the name of the file should be exactly userChrome.css. Yes, I know that "userchrome.css" does work on a Windows system. However, my guess would be (don't know for sure because I've never tried it) that on a Linux system to have the file titled "userchrome.css" wouldn't work. My guess is that this is the reason why it is so often stated at this forum that the file must be titled "userChrome.css" - to avoid things failing if one was working on a Linux system. On Linux systems folder and file names are case sensitive - unlike on Windows systems. On Linux the file userchrome.css and userChrome.css are seen as being two entirely different files - the same principle applies to folder names on Linux.

Likewise, the chrome folder should always be titled just that - "Chrome" would be wrong and again might cause a problem on a Linux system.

Maybe some Linux user could comment on this in case I'm getting it all wrong which is quite possible - only used Linux Mint for a couple of years (and very good it was too) and that was several years ago.
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Post Posted November 27th, 2017, 11:46 am

so I do some final words ;-)
yes, my file is named: "userChrome.css". It was laziness of mine as I wrote further up.
and yes correct namespace is important, look at my fiddling ;-)

best wishes, perhaps we will meet again here...

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