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I need some help - earlier today, I opened a webpage (tumblr). I had opened it a good dozen times already today. But this time, I got a 400 error nginx. I searched online how to get rid of it, and I tried:

-Deleting the cookies only for Tumblr
-Clearing my cache
-clearing my history
-deleting all cookies
-deleting the cookies.sqlite file from my Mozilla Profile
-opening Firefox in safe mode
-updating firefox (I was on 54, it updated me to 56)

I can either get to the logon page, where I have my username and the 'next' button, but cannot click the next button (clicking it does nothing, it sits there), or the 400 error.

I got logged in once after using Safe Mode, but only once. Since that login, I left the page and got the 400 error next time I tried to open it. I tried all the steps again, and it now responds the same in both Safe Mode and regular, where sometimes I can get to the login screen, but never past it, only stuck on that page or giving me the 400 error, sometimes even giving me the 400 error when there are no cookies.

I tried doing logging in on another computer, but as soon as I click 'log in', I get the 400 error.

I tried it in Chrome, and logged in with no issues.

Please, does someone else know something I can try? This is very upsetting to me to not know what is going on.

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Try this,
do Ctrl H and search for the page in question (tumblr) and right click "Forget about this site".
This will also remove the cookies . password .etc. for that page...
The page will be "new" and you will have to re-login into that site.


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which page, or all?

open console to log issues: ... eb_Console

could be an buggy antivirus or malware or proxy.

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Brummelchen - it was only on Every other page was just fine, and it happened on two different computers. So I don't think it was that.

I'm bookmarking this page in case this happens again, as I've been waiting for it to happen, but the morning after I posted this, the site began working again as if nothing had ever happened. Allowed me to log in without a problem and simply worked. I have no idea why. I've been waiting to see if it was going to keep behaving before I posted to say this. Thank you for the suggestions, and again, I'll be bookmarking this just in case.

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