Memory hog and lag when switching tabs

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Memory hog and lag when switching tabs

This happens after 1 to 2 hours of constant usage:

64-bit Firefox consumes as much as 3gb of ram and possibly more, when only 1 window is opened with, 5 to 7 tabs are opened.

There's also massive lag when switching tabs.

Now, I've already created a new profile and simply used Sync to transfer history and bookmarks. I also have no add-ons/extensions/themes.

I get none of this memory usage and lag issues with Chrome at all. I feel like the latest update made things even worse.


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Does the same occur if you restart in
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Do any of those pages have Flash in them? Did you test with Chrome with the exact pages that you had in Firefox?
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Does the same occur if you use the Dormancy extension?

Dormancy 'retires' tabs that have gone unused for a while, freeing up that memory. It then restores the tabs to life when accessed. ... /dormancy/
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I'd check to see if you're using e10's.

Essentially, go to Task Manager when you have mutliple tabs open, and check to see how many instances of FIREFOX.EXE is running. With 57 there should be multiple copies running, at least one for every tab.

If multiple copies are running, try turning e10's off. If not, try turning it on!

"To disable e10s/multiprocess go to about:config by typing it in your URL bar. Search for browser.tabs.remote.autostart using the search box on about:config. There may be multiple results. Set them all to false and restart the browser. If there are no entries, create it as a boolean and set it to false."

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Post Posted December 3rd, 2017, 9:58 am

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

@therube :

Running in safe mode didn't do a thing.

@Dartman: I already tried that, hmmm... didn't seem to work.

I'll proceed to try the other suggestions and see what happens! :) I've already installed dormancy and will try to turn off e10.

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