How do I download my bookmarks from Firefox to Google?

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Well I have tried Firefox twice now, it is worse than the last time I tried it many years ago. What I want to do, since I have been using Firefox the last month is to download my bookmarks into a folder on my system that in turn I can upload into Google chrome. I am going to have to delete folders from Google Chrome so that I don't have duplicates. The reason that I am leaving Firefox because I keep getting kicked out of websites from either Firefox itself or someone ( let me be kind ) made an extension that kicks you out of the website you are signed into. that is hilarious. so is there a way to get I guess a html file downloaded. thank you.


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Maybe ask at a Chrome forum how you import bookmarks into Chrome from Firefox. You are obviously beyond our help
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* Export Bookmarks to HTML in Firefox > Library > Import and Backup
* Import Bookmarks from HTML in Chrome > Bookmark Manager > Organize

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