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I am now struggling to configure Firefox in a VDI environment and we want the Firefox profiles to be stored on a network share in order to take them out from the user folder.

Guess there should be a line in the mozilla.cfg file to change the path, but I'm not able to find it.

Anyone has faced the same situation? Is it possible to specify a path where all the profiles will be stored?



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Can you point to your wanted (Profile) location using the -profile switch, bypassing profiles.ini altogether?
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firefox.bin  -profile  \\nas\FF_Profiles\profile123

(I have no idea if storing a Profile on a share is kosher or whether there might be issues with that?
Otherwise, there is no reason that a Profile has be within any particular location, like a user folder.
Also not familiar with what is or is not available with mozilla.cfg.

"All profiles".

Is using the -profile switch along with a variable an option?
-profile %1, kind of thing? )
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