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Hello everybody :D ,

I joined these forums a long time ago, but I created a new account to post from my enterprise. :D
I'm currently deploying Firefox for my company and trying to get 2 things done :

1. Configure the automatic migration of Internet Explorer bookmarks in Firefox.
2. Customize home screen to show a fixed list of company sites.

For the 1. :
I've searched and tried a lot of things, but I wasn't able to automigrate IE bookmarks :cry:
I created an override.ini file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser with either EnableProfileMigrator=1 or EnableProfileMigrator=True, with no success.
I also set the prefs below :
lockPref("browser.migrate.automigrate.enabled", true);

Without success, the migration wizard is not even showing, if this cannot be automatic, I'd be happy with the wizard. :D
I also played with a lot of prefs, but I'm not sure they are related to bookmarks migration.

Regarding the 2. :
I've enabled the prefs below :
But nothing shows up, maybe I have another pref blocking the home screen (top sites ?) ? :shock: Which pref can block this ?
Or maybe some other pref needs to be added ?
I've tried to fix some urls to the top sites, without success either.

I'm aware a lot of things changed in the latest version (Quantum), but I wasn't able to do these two things. :oops:
Do you have any clue ?
Thanks a lot for reading me ;)

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You're more likely to get a solution from either the Enterprise Working Group mailing list or Mike Kaply.

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