Per-domain/per-website settings on Firefox Quantum. How?

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I would like to set some per-domain/per-website (f.e. for settings such as f.e. media autoplaying (using media.autoplay.enabled value).
I know about CAPS (Configurable Security Policies) which allowed to do so but this feature has been removed from Firefox long time ago.
Is there any other way to set such per-domain/per-website settings on the newest version of Firefox Quantum?
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Perhaps NoScript can do that?
(Not really sure what it does/doesn't do in its newfangled version 10.x.)
Create a new test Profile.
Install NoScript & experiment.
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Thank you for the answers.

As I supposed annoying "features" such as used (and abused) on some websites video or audio autoplaying made some people create extensions to fix or at least to reduce it.
But, to be honest, I was looking for a "universal" way to apply more website/domain specific settings (currently existing in about:config but those are referring to the whole browser) than the mentioned autoplaying (which I treated as an example).
Is there any built-in directly in the Firefox mechanism or do I have to use some extensions?

EDIT (2017-12-16):
1. I have tried adding custom settings to content-prefs.sqlite but it doesn't work for any option except for default ones described here.
2. I would like to set value on per website/per-domain basis in order to allow some bookmarklets opening the new tabs.

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