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I'm wondering if it's possible to open a bash script from FF.

Basically, I'd like this to happen when I click on a magnet link. And then use magnet link as a parameter in my bash script. I already have this, but nothing happens :


Do you know if this is possible?

Thank you very much for your help :)


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I what does do, what are its (shell script) commands?

In Windows, I have "magnet" set up as a "URL Protocol", & by default it loads my download manager (which handles magnet".
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Thanks for the answer therube :)

Actually I'm on Linux :)

I don't know if you know peerflix, but basically Peerflix can be used with a magnet link or a torrent file to stream a video with its magnet link with your favourite player (
What I want to do is to launch the command (for example) :
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peerflix "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ef330b39f4801d25b4245212e75a38634bfc856e" --vlc

Where the link or the magnet is the parameter of my script when I open a link (that is a magnet) from FF. Is it clear ? ^^'

Thank you again :)

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