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Hello everyone,

Since maybe 10 days or so I'm having functionality issues with FF on certain websites, the following link ... -K5-rev-10 displays the page as below where as Chrome and Edge are both fine.

An other issue is that I can't log out of Gmail anymore, I can click on the icon int he top right corner (see image below) and I just won't get any option to sign out. On some other pages I can not click the cookie warning. I tried reinstalling with FF default settings but the problems persist. Does anyone know about these issues and has a solution? Thank you.
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Have you tried starting Firefox in Mozilla Safe Mode?
If no improvement using Safe Mode, do you have the same problem if you create a new profile and test it with no extensions or non-default themes installed?
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On my end, as the page begins to load, it displays a very brief area of white, like in your shot.
It appears that the white is there, but then is overlayed by the expected content.
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