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Hai friends,

I am a student in kerala, India. For my project, i need the anti-phishing plugin source code. So can anyone help me.please...


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Mozilla doesn't create plugins for Firefox, and most plugins aren't open source, so the code isn't readily available for viewing. If you could be more specific as to which "anti-phishing plugin" you are referring to someone here might have a better answer.

Mozilla Developer Network documentation is here:
Is that what you are looking for?

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(If this plugin is an extension, you can certainly examine it code, even if it may not be "source code" per say.)
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Actually I want to know, what are the features can take to detect the phishing URLs. The features are like, Presence of IP address instead of the domain name , Lengthy URL, No. of subdomains, etc. I think, from the plugin source code , some ideas will get , am i right?. or can anyone give the some idea? please


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First check I would make is if the displayed text for the link includes one URL but the actual link code goes to a different link.
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