NoSquint Plus version 56.1.

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Lanannah, I sympathize with your agony at the loss of NoSquint. You are right, the color change was every bit as important for the readability of the customized site view. If you go to the website you can see that no one has full usability for the last couple of FF versions. Apparently Mr Berin has no intention of updating his add-on, and even less motivation in discussing it. The zoom add-on that FF offers is just a very poor reconstruction of what NoSquint used to offer. I feel your pain. Life sucks.

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Hello mister Wonderful1 :)
thanks for answer and sorry for late reply.
All you saying is true and yes mister Berin don't worry about giving anser :(
My last choice is using NoSquint Plus version 50.
This version work like the NoSquint Plus version 56.1.
I have feeling may be not so well, but no choice, so it's ok.
Like a lot of people i have the double icon bug on the taskbar.
May be you can do like me and using this version of NoSquint Plus version 50 ?
Good luck mister.

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