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Are Firefox working on a solution with the DjVu-viewer?

Uppgraded my computer during Christmas and with that I am using Firefox 57 (witch is super) but I have noticed that I cant see DjVu-files any more which is the format that Swedish Cadastral Services use
( ... ka-kartor/)

Must I switch to Explorer or is there a solution on its way?


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Sorry, but it is up to whoever made that DjVu-viewer to get it to work with Firefox 57.

Have you tried the browser plugins listed here?

I am not familiar with the program, but after taking a look at the 3 browser plugins listed there it doesn't appear that Windows 10 is supported and the dates of the various versions seem to stop with 2015. Very doubtful that a 2015 version of any plugin will work with Firefox 57 which came out in Nov 2017.

My advice it to look for a support forum specifically for that application to find out if Windows 10 and Firefox 57 are supported.

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DjVu is pretty much dead technology these days - several sites I have used have now moved (or are moving) to PDF. The plugin does still work with pre-Fx 57 versions (I still have it installed in Waterfox 56) but for Fx 57 and above the only way appears to be to set the file type to open in an external viewer like DjView or Sumatra.

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well since all original cadastral dokuments since the 16-th centuary are saved with that technology it will propably be around for a while.


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I think the site managers realise that DjVu is not the best option. They are converting all the historical maps and documents to PNG format and the work should be completed by the end of March.

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