Tabs are blank then reload when I return to them?

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I work with several tabs open at once. Not sure how long this has been going on but when I am away and return to a tab the screen is just blank white and then it reloads. What a waste of time waiting for these things to reload. As if I need every tab reloaded - as if everything is changing by the second. I'm not trading stocks. I'm just reading 99% of the time. The web page will be the same in 10 minutes or 10 days.
The same thing occurs with the latest Chrome.
I wonder if the website is causing this to occur?
Is there any way of stopping this? Load the tab and it stays loaded. All day if necessary.
Using latest Firefox on updated Win7.
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In my usage tabs usually only reload / re-render when I close Firefox and open it restoring an old session. It will have memory usage consequences, but can you try not closing Firefox, just leave it open all the time and do not shut off computer, use hibernate or sleep when you leave it, leaving Firefox open.

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I'm not closing Firefox.
I never said I was closing Firefox.
And yes, I'm aware of the feature of most browsers of restoring previously opened sessions. That's not the case here.

Once again: I usually use Firefox with several tabs open at once. It may be several minutes or longer before I return to a tab. I've noticed that often when I return to the tab I'm often greeted with a blank white screen instead of the page loaded as I saw it before. Then I have to wait for it to load. I want to prevent this from happening. I want it to load and stay loaded even if I don't come back to it for 10 hours. I want it there, just as it was before.

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