Firefox Does Not Remember YouTube Settings (Chrome Does!)

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Post Posted January 27th, 2018, 8:51 am

Windows 10 64-bit
Firefox 58 (also happened in 57)
  • NoScript
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  • McAfee Web Advisor (disabled)
Fx doesn't seem to remember what settings I set or what videos I viewed the last time. It's all reset the next time I visit -- sometimes even during the same session (watch YouTube - close tab - open YT in a new tab at a later time)! I want this to be cookie-based as I don't (want to) use YouTube with my Google account. This doesn't happen with Chrome (with AdBlock Plus only).

This is a relatively fresh laptop: bought new and in use for just under a month. Cookies are accepted without exceptions, and they are stored until they expire.


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Post Posted January 28th, 2018, 6:57 am

First thought was to try Safe Mode, but... that may or may not be of help, because once you restart FF, extensions (then being enabled) might adversely affect what you see? Worth a shot, anyhow.
(Or you could change, or set up a separate desktop shortcut with the -safe-mode switch, in which case you would remain in Safe Mode, & that way extensions can safely be ruled out.)

Alternatively, you might disable all extensions & test that way.
(Similarly extensions would remain disabled across a restart.)

Or as a test, you could create a new, clean Profile - no changes, & see how that behaves.
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