Favicon Issue with FF58 (or an Ebay issue ???)

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Post Posted January 28th, 2018, 11:20 am

Firefox has started changing favicons for Ebay, this appears to coincide with the FF58 update.
I can save an Ebay item to bookmarks in a folder named Ebay, and I get the little multi-colored
shopping bag favicon. Later on when I go back to the Ebay folder the favicon has changed to a
white box with "Ebay" in it. It does not happen to all the favicons on all the Ebay bookmarks.

Some of the bookmarks were imported when the computer was new and they appear to remain
as the shopping bag favicon. I have deleted all the Ebay bookmarks and replaced them with
the same searches. Duplicates of old ones remain as they searches get the white
box after initially being saved as the handbag.

I have tried a new profile...and it seemed to work for over a day, then I added my passwords
and the problem appeared again, no idea if it is related, or coincidence.
I cannot reproduce the issue on my laptop, this only happen on my desktop. I didn't notice
this until I updated to laptop had FF59.

Maybe it is an Ebay thing but it only affects one of my 3 computers .
It does not happen in Chrome,or in Pale Moon, it does not affect any other favicons in FF.
This computer originally had 32 bit FF and was updated to 64 bit FF, and it is installed in the x86 folder.
I don't suppose FF stores bookmarks or favicons in more than one location ??
It is hurting nothing...but it sure is annoying.
Anyone have any Ideas


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