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Post Posted February 8th, 2018, 7:24 am

Hello guys,

I've been using the following settings via about:config to fix the blurry fonts caused by FF switching from Cairo to Skia long time ago:
- > direct2d1.1,cairo,skia
- > direct2d1.1,cairo,skia
- canvas.filters.enabled > false
- gfx.direct2d.disabled > true

However, ever since I've upgraded to version 57 I've been seeing buggy behaviors involving texts such as:
- Texts/paragraphs adjusting from blurry font to clear font by themselves (occurs randomly)
- Texts on mouseover for images will show blurry texts first and then immediately changes to clear texts (i.e. doesn't show clear font from the start)
- On some sites, some texts look pretty thin compared to what I was used to seeing before version 57

I'm not sure why such behaviors are present on the current versions though reverting the first two settings to default fixes this problem. However the text will return to being blurry again.
Is there a way to fix this issue? I'd like to keep the old settings as I cannot stand the blurry fonts caused from Cairo to Skia switch.

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