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Is it possible to change the number of recently used bookmark folders?
i really want this function ! Why they wouldn't make this an internal option is stupid.
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Moving this to Firefox Support...
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WebExtensions cannot override a chrome file provided by the application.

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You could override the editBookmarkOverlay.js file with a chrome registration hack. (for advanced users only)

Chrome Registration

You would need to redo the chrome.manifest file and chrome_registration_hack_editBookmarkOverlay_*.js file each time the application updates since the editBookmarkOverlay.js file may change each time the application updates.

* command prompt

Code: Select all
cd /d C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
copy chrome.manifest chrome.manifest.backup
notepad chrome.manifest
notepad chrome_registration_hack_editBookmarkOverlay_58_0_2.js

* chrome.manifest

Code: Select all
# this line is a comment

# Source file: view-source:chrome://browser/content/places/editBookmarkOverlay.js
# Find what: const MAX_FOLDER_ITEM_IN_MENU_LIST = 5;
# Replace with: const MAX_FOLDER_ITEM_IN_MENU_LIST = 10;

override chrome://browser/content/places/editBookmarkOverlay.js chrome_registration_hack_editBookmarkOverlay_58_0_2.js appversion=58.0.2 application={ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}

* chrome_registration_hack_editBookmarkOverlay_58_0_2.js

(copy source in browser, paste and edit source in notepad)

And remember to save the files in ANSI or UTF-8 without a BOM.

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