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Short of it is I have old files that were put on a gmail account using Gspace that I want to access. The primary issue is with video files that have been broken up into multiple parts during the upload. An example format for a problem file is: MVI_3294.AVI_gs1, MVI_3294.AVI_gs2, etc.

I tried using different versions of firefox and Gspace add-on to access the files, but no luck. I tried using 7Zip to extract the multiple file archive but it wouldn't recognize it. I manually changed the names of the files to formats 7Zip recognized to see if I could trick the program (.zip001 etc, .rar001 etc) but no luck. I have been searching for information using various search engines to find ways to access these gspace files, but still no luck.

If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

Mr Bland

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