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Hi all can some advise if it is possible to achieve a history import and open session from previous crash as per follow

Windows 10 was open at the day 1 system failed at day 1 night,
Windows was restarted day 2 no success to login.
Day3 Windows was reset all data remained but all non-essential windows programs were removed.
Day4 Mozilla Quantum was installed all bookmarks were imported and all old Data files./profiles were moved to C:windows/users/appdata local etc and replaced new files, worked fine.

I need to see old history from Day 1 and all previous sessions from Day1
I'm failry sure its not possible to achieve as the cached has been wiped but the restore files are still in the file locations.
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History and bookmarks are saved in the places.sqlite file in the profile folder. While Firefox is closed, you can replace the existing places.sqlite file with a backup copy. Doing so would of course overwrite any existing history and bookmarks.
The bookmarkbackups folder contains bookmark backups that can be imported from the Library (bookmarks manager). Doing so overwrites any existing bookmarks with the old set.

Open tabs are saved in the sessionstore.jsonlz4 file in the profile folder. The sessionstore-backups folder contains backups. In case of a problem with the main file, while Firefox is closed, you can copy one of the backups into the profile folder and rename it to sessionstore.jsonlz4

The profile folder is normally located in %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<random string>.default which is …\AppData\Roaming\… rather than …\AppData\Local\… that you mentioned.


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