Kindly help me, problem is Mozilla slow my PC (Uncle Saff)

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My name is Mohammad Safdar Gohir (Uncle Saff). I'm a businessman in UK. i usually use Firefox with different helping add on but from several days i'm facing slow down my PC because of this my Mozilla browser switch off it cause loss of my several data.. kindly give this solution.
Uncle Saff Gohir


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Try running in Firefox "Safe Mode".
or... Help > Re-start with Addons disabled or hold down your Shift key as you click the Firefox short cut..
Do not check any boxes.
This is a fault finding mode.
NB: Be careful of the "Delete all bookmarks except for back-ups" option.

Don't add any extensions or themes until it's working O.K.
If Firefox is O.K. in Safe Mode then it's possibly an extension/theme...etc causing it.
Run Firefox in normal mode & disable them all. Re-start Firefox.
Enable each in turn, or by ½'s, re-starting Firefox each time, till the faulty extension is found.
Either update or un-install it.

See this incomplete list,

When in Safe Mode...
* The status of plug-ins is not affected.
* Custom preferences are not affected.
* All extensions are disabled.
* The default theme is used, without a persona.
* userChrome.css and userContent.css are ignored.
* The JIT/Javascript compiler is disabled.
* The default toolbar layout is used.
* Hardware acceleration is disabled.

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